Curator’s Note:

DaphneArts celebrated, recently, its first year of existence in the metaverse Second Life. And, after experimenting different concepts, it seems that the art complex has found its identity.

Since the first exhibition we are no one, by Joslyn Benson and Jammie Hill, it was clear the interest on the existential themes. As the curators state, the exhibition could be interpreted as “a seek to approach the eternal existential quest of the individuals”. This existential quest was even more clear in the installation The Journey, by Sheldon and Angelika Corral, notably inspired by the Sartrean philosophy and the use of allegory, reminding us the filmography of directors like Ingmar Bergman and Andrei Tarkovsky.

But besides the existential themes, DaphneArts also is strongly inspired by the bizarre and surreal. The exhibitions Surrealism and Beautiful Bizarre are great examples of this.

For the most recent exhibition “The Endless”, the bizarre, surreal and the existential quest are all present, creating an unique visual and psychological journey.

The Endless are a group of fictional beings appearing in the comic book series The Sandman, by Neil Gaiman, and published by DC Comics. The characters are anthropomorphic personifications that embody powerful forces or aspects of the universe. They are, from the oldest to youngest: Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Despair, Desire, and Delirium.

The reason why The Endless exist is unknown, but according to its creator, Neil Gaiman, “they are metaphors that could be used as a way of seeing the world – a family that interact like a real family does”.

For this exhibition, seven renowned photographers were invited to create an artwork, each of them representing one of the Endless. It was not required any previous knowledge about the comic book series, having, however, a focus on the interpretation of each of the participants.

The result is a delight for the eyes. With photos as strong as the original Sandman’s cover illustrations by Dave McKean, this exhibition is a must see.

The Endless – April/May, 2017

Exhibiting Participants:
ariel Brearly, Awesome Fallen, kiki, Maloe Vansant, Nevereux, paola Mills, Whiskey Monday



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