Curator’s Note:

The human body has inspired artists throughout the ages. Since ancient times and in almost all cultures around the world the human figure remains central as one of the most enduring themes in visual arts.

Through art history, details of naked limbs and torsos served as spaces for artists to explore aspects of reality and imagination.
In the aesthetics of ancient Greek sculptures, human body is the perfect form of power and beauty which is used as an ideal model to build sculptures of Gods. While in traditional Chinese culture, the idea of unity of heaven and humanity has led to a lasting interest in the spiritual aspect of human body throughout the history of literati paintings.

Come the age of modern and contemporary art, the renderings of nude figures veered in every direction. Egon Schiele twisted lines into beautifully grotesque creatures. With the born of pop art, human body has been a mirror reflecting social sub- cultures and transitional self-awareness. It has been connected to wider social phenomena such as fashion and celebrity, a fact well depicted in arts by Andy Warhol who cut, pasted and printed bodies from popular culture.

And as artists continued drawing, painting, sculpting and photographing in more sophisticated ways, the universal obsession with nude curves seemed only to intensify.

Often used to explore allegory and beauty, the human body in arts involves the study and appreciation of its shape, including body postures – sitting, standing or even sleeping, and movements – walking, running, dancing etc. The line and form are the primary objectives, rather than the subject person. Its great success has been to distance the unclothed body from any uncomfortably explicit taint of sexuality, eroticism or imperfection.

The art world’s obsession with the human form study continues in the virtual world of Second Life. In this exhibition under the title “Poetry of Human Body” the collected works of four participants (Angelika Corral, Anouk A., Nur Moo and Sheldon), reveal images of nude forms using different mediums. Drawings, real life photography and Second Life photography, each media individually and altogether, manifest once more the diachronic value or human body in virtual arts.

The exhibition officially opens on October 23, 12pm SLT.

Poetry of Human Body: October/November, 2016
DaphneArts Gallery I

Exhibiting Participants:
Angelika Corral, Anouk A., Nur Moo, Sheldon



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