Based in the metaverse Second Life, since 2007, on a surface of 260.000 sqm, running on 4 servers, Moya Land, a complete livable and accessible virtual universe created by the French artist, Patrick Moya (1955), marks 10 years from its creation.

Moya is a prolific artist touching on everything from art: films, billboard art, ceramics, computer, conceptual art, drawings, fashion art, mural, painting, projection art, sculpture and video art – up to now.

As the artist states, he is attempting to bring all his real life artworks and exhibitions into the virtual world. Moya’s dream of creating art in the metaverse began years before Second Life. He tried, with not much success, to cross artworks from virtual creation to physical world and vice versa, seeking constantly a transition between the mediums, mainly aiming to explain the diversity of techniques and styles. But only when Second Life was created, it became possible for him to start creating his virtual universe.

The visitors at Moya Land will have the chance to see and enjoy many artworks, (drawings, photos, sculptures, etc) at the museums of Modern Arts, Fine Arts, Archeology and History of Moya Photography, Decorative Arts applied, Popular Arts and traditions, Calligraphy, Moya Chapel and Performances, the Moya Circus, the Biennale of Moya Land and a space of Street Art, throughout the entire sim.

A car is designed by the artist and available to borrow with a click to visit the island. This unique service in Second Life is particularly appreciated by discerning tourists. Furthermore, Moya offers guided tours to the visitors.

In his universe of Moya, “the creator became the creature”, as stated at the official website.

His avatar (virtual self representation), a cartoon-like alter ego, conceived as one of his characters residing Moya Land, became part of his artwork, and is living out an imaginary dream, immersed and interacting with the fantasy environment.

The distinctive logo MOYA appears often. The letters of his name in his art, which he has put on as many surfaces as possible, -mostly in the background of his paintings or in sculpture – in a celebratory way, has become his trademark.

Moya seems to make a fascinating play with reality and virtual. Who is the real and who is fictional? The cartoons, the two dimensional drawn and painted characters scattered all over Moya Land, or the perplexed – “real” visitor” who walks among them in the same universe?

Moya’s World – 10 years in the metaverse Second Life



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