Berg Gallery presents the exhibition “LOSS”, by Senna Coronet. “LOSS” is curated by Kate Bergdorf and will run from July 9, 2017 through September 2017, with an opening reception at 11 a.m. SLT.
This show is dedicated to Senna’s good  friend Amona Savira, who left us earlier this year quite unexpectedly.
The photographer states: “Her passing was an absolute shock to me but sadly it was just one of a few losses I suffered this year. When Kate asked me to fill in this show slot that had been intended for Amona, I was happy to try and do it justice, even though other pressures didn’t seem to want me to complete it. I think what I experienced this year with all the events in my life, is that regardless of how tragic and harsh things can be, you cannot let things consume you and paralyze you. Suffering, remorse, sadness are all healthy emotions but they must not take over your life. Keeping things in perspective and getting back to the business of living your life can be hard but must be a priority. It’s hard and you can get lost. I know because I did get lost a bit this year. I know you all have experienced these things yourself, this shoot was a bit of therapy for me. Thanks, Dr. Kate!”.

Senna Coronet

Senna was always interested in arts, even from a young age, what influenced his decision to study art in college.
He considers himself consistently drawn to creative type endeavors, and he feels quite happy that Second Life provides a unique forum to get quench his creative thirst.
He soon realized that he loved SL as part of his life and – besides meeting his friends – the image making is one of the main reasons he returns to this virtual world.
“I feel very spoiled to be able to log in and instantly begin a chat or work with some friends on images”, says Senna. ” People in Second Life just amaze me all the time with their talent, their ambition, their empathy, and wisdom.”

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Exhibition: LOSS
Opening: Sunday, July 9, at 11:00 AM SLT
Gallery: The Berg Gallery



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