Curator’s Note:

“Imagine” is a show that uses art, focused on promoting a peaceful communication, bringing together some great SL photographers from around the world.

The metaverse Second Life is a community that, in its own unique way, resembles the “dream” which was eloquently presented by the English songwriter and performer John Lennon in his song “Imagine”, (1971). By this, Lennon, shared his dream of a world without borderlines, where people could live in a brotherhood of man, with noting to live or to die for…

The participating artists were invited to create an image using the song “Imagine” as inspiration. They shared their vision as dreamers, via their artistic images.

One dream, one world, 17 different SL photographers from all around the world.

Imagine: April/May, 2016
DaphneArts Gallery I

The curators:
Angelika Corral &

Exhibiting Participants:

Angelika Corral, Anouk A., Bay Addens, Burk Bode, Good Cross, Hills, Io Bechir, Isa Messioptra, Jammie Hill, Joslyn Benson, Maloe Vansant, miu miu miu, MM (mysterr), Paola Mills, Senna Coronet, tutsy Navarathna, Zib Scaggs

Some Reviews:

by Inara Pey
by Ziki Questi

The Artworks

Living a Life of Peace, by Angelika Corral

Live As One, by Bay Addens
Imagine… John comes around the corner, by Burk Bode
Imagine, by Good Cross
Imagine, by Hills
Love Spreads Her Arms, by Io Bechir
Above Us Only Sky, by Isa Messioptra
still, by Joslyn Benson
Nothing on my mind, by Maloe Vansant
imagine… you were here, by MM
Matisse The Dance, by Senna Spirit
Imagine, by Tutsy NAvArAthnA

living for today, Zib Scaggs


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