Curator’s Note:

Art is an expression of our emotions, the way we see and experience the world, and beauty has been depicted as an artistic value.

It is not easy to define beauty, though. It’s not about prettiness. Beauty is something subjective. In the Renaissance, artists developed theories of ideal proportion and harmony, having and the painting of Venus, portrayed by Botticelli, and the sculpture of David, by Michelangelo, as the idealizations of beauty.

After the photography, in the XIX Century, painting was considered dead, because it was possible to do, with no efforts, reproductions of the subject of interest.

The modern art came to bring another perception of a world devastated by two great wars, and it reflects in the asymmetry of bodies and distorted faces. But there is always a place for beauty, even in the bizarre things. Schiele, Picasso, Matisse, the Surrealists, all are great example of this.

With the exhibition “Beautiful Bizarre”, twelve members of the metaverse Second Life were invited to produce artworks based on the subject.

Together, they brought a collection of 13 works (12 photos and a 3D sculpture), depicting their notion about the proposed theme.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the lovely Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, a web blog and also a beautifully printed magazine which showcases wonderful artworks of emerging and leading artists.

Beautiful Bizarre: July/August, 2016
DaphneArts Gallery I

Exhibiting Participants:

Angelika Corral, Asa Vordun, Gwenarielle, Leeleu Lemondrop, Loki (LokiSilverson), Maghda, Paradox Messmer, Rainbow Mubble, Sabbian Paine, SheldonBR, terrygold, Theda Tammas



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