Curator’s Note:

Seafore Perl, aka Nick Friess in RL, presents a sample of his work, under the title “artIfacs”. The Master of Fine Arts explains that this is not a misspelling, but a deliberate play of words: his art (I) resulting in facsimiles, (facs).

Seafore Perl served as a Green Beret medic in the Central Highlands in the tri-border area (where Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam meet) and also in the Delta area near the Cambodian border. Through his artworks, he seeks to explore the effects of wartime memories.

For the British empiricist John Locke, “a person’s identity only reaches as far as their memory extends into the past”. Other scientists theorize that the moral behavior define one’s identity.

The fact is that defining one’s identity is an old philosophical question, and since the perceptions are individual, even our moral capacity is affected by our memories and emotional reactions.

According to the semiotics, the signs and symbols are significant part of communication, and images are, often, thought as a second form of communication, that is just as expressive as a natural language.

In visual art, semiotics interprets messages based on their signs and symbolisms. Most signs are iconic as well as symbolic. Humans use these signs to convey feelings, thoughts, ideas, and ideologies. Therefore, art is perceived as a primitive language that combines visual signs and linguistic principles.

With this exhibition, the artist uses various mediums to communicate with his audience. Within these mediums he gives “the fleeting presence of an evaporating flower, a strange permanence created of the digital binary world, ephemeral tho ugh it may be”.

The exhibition “artIfacs” contains images from a long ago war and, as the artist states “the work is but a small taste of what was experienced during the seven month period until being wounded. There are wounded and dying soldiers surrounded by anguished comrades screaming for the medic. The air is filled with smoke and haze. Walking along the pathway triggers explosions and the sounds of small arms fire. Around the edge of the dome haunting PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) images stare and glow”.

Though this utilizes a game engine to create the virtual experience, “it is not a game, any more than war is a game. War is serious business with hideous injuries inflicted upon the human body. Medics in particular often have these images embedded in their psyches”. For some, there is no escaping these nightmares.

artIfacs: September/October, 2016

DaphneArts Gallery III

The Artist:

Seafore Perl aka Nick Friess in RL, Master of Fine Arts in Integrated Visual Arts, (Iowa State University), expertises in oil painting, drawing, 2D and 3D digital imagery, simulations, animation, virtual worlds content creation.
His Artworks are located in various studios in Iowa, Ohio and Washington. He creates oil paintings and drawings for commissions and exhibitions.
The artist created and directed new art and activity programs, for adults with various physical and mental disabilities and taught numerous and various art classes.



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